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Tariffs Non-cash payment

Tariffs - cashless   the city limits (uah per 1 km)4,62
Travel outside the city (uah per 1 km) in both sides of the4,62
Travel outside the city (uah per 1 km) on one side of the7,92
The minimum tariff (supply + 3 km)33,00
"The margin for the center from 8:00 till 19.003,96
Expectation of the passenger for 1 min.0,99
Supplement for intermediate points in the route4,62
Service "Universal within the city" 39,60 (+ to the tariff)
Service Driver Tariff x 3
Minivan 105,6 uah/hour
Minibus From a number of places
Hourly service to 12 km of ownership99,00
Transfer from Kiev to Borispol Airport tariff (up to Kharkov pl.)+ 132,00
Transfer from Borispol Airport in Kiev 171,60 + tariff (from Kharkov pl.)
Allowance for pre-order the auto no
Courier delivery 26,40 (+ to the tariff)
Meeting with a tablet 26,40 (+ to the tariff)
Car business class +40% to the tariff
The refusal of the ordered car (not less than 10 minutes before  the specified time, free of charge, at the advanced order for 30 minutes.)
The time for the car to 20 minutes
Park (number of cars) more than 300
Insurance of passengers Is
Drivers Hire continues!
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From October 1 we started to install credit card payments system on our cars!